Whitney's Walk for Life 2021

Elegant Simplicity

Welcome to team Elegant Simplicity. We lost our beloved Brant in January of 2013 to suicide. Brant wasn't sad or depressed, we think what he did was a spontaneous act in a moment of weakness. That is part of why we do this walk every year, to tell his story. There are so many preconceived notions around suicide and or mental health, so much stigma that people don't want to talk about it. I have had people back away from me when I say I have lost my son to suicide, like it's contagious. My son wasn't walking around depressed, wearing black, withdrawn, doing drugs and all of the other "pictures" we have in our heads of those who have succumbed to taking their life. You can NOT look at someone and know what might be going on in their life or what situation they could be facing that pushes them over the edge. We never know how we may react to an obstacle depending on what other issues may be going on in our life at the time. Please join us in our fight for awareness, our fight to eliminate the stigma, our fight to save lives.

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