Whitney's Walk For Life

Team Pooh

Aaron (Pooh) passed away June 30, 2017.  He leaves behind myself (his wife), his son, his parents, two brothers, other family members, and friends. I do not like my husband to be remembered for how he passed but rather for the man he was. Here is a little recap of what a great man he was and his passions: Pooh worked at Kemper Construction as an Operator for Union Local 649, worked hard and lived for the family farm, was an avid outdoorman enjoying hunting, fishing, mushrooming, cooking/grilling/smoking meat, archery, reloading and much more. Pooh was always willing to help anyone in need without anything in return. He left a lot of inprints on peoples hearts and is dearly missed. He now rests in peace.


Suicide is a very common way of death, however it is an uncommon discussion. Please help me spread the word about suicide prevention.


Why I donate: I have chosen to participate in Whitney's Walk for Life to help raise money for suicide awareness and prevention programs. One day my baby boy (Gauge) is going to ask how his father died, when he is old enough to understand I will tell him the truth and educate him on the subject of suicide. Health issues such as alcoholism and depression run in my son's family blood line and are very common health illinesses in others; therefore I want Gauge to know that if he ever feels burdened by these health issues that he is NOT the only one to feel that way, there IS help out there, it IS ok to seek help (it does NOT make you weak), and that he is NOT alone! Raising money for this nonprofit organization will help to educated not only my son but others as well.


Thank you for your help!

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